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Team Kyson

After my water broke at 31 weeks, I was put on hospital bedrest and given shots of steroids to speed up his lung maturity. And exactly a week later on October 17, 2009 at 32 weeks, I was blessed with my son Kyson Aidan. He was born weighing 4 lbs 15oz, most of which was due to my own size being pretty fluffy. I only got to see him for a few seconds before they rushed him to the NICU for me to not see for about 24 hours. As most parents will tell you, the NICU experience is a rollercoaster ride. The first time I saw him he was under bililights because of his jaundice. He was hooked up to fluids and had a tube in his nose for feeding.

When he turned 34 weeks, he was gradually given bottles in place of his tube feedings. Also that night, they decided that he was finally well enough to come off the bililights. And on Halloween, he was finally put into a crib and I got to feed him his bottle for the first time!! The March of Dimes also let us borrow tiny Halloween costumes and took the babies’ pictures. It was so fun! Then on November 4th, they took out his feeding tube and he was discharged the next day weighing 5 1/2 pounds.

Now Kyson is 5 months old and weighs 12 pounds. He might be small for his age but he’s keeping up just fine when it comes to milestones. He’s even learning to sit up already and LOVES eating greenbeans!!!

Please help our team help other babies born too early or sick so they can come home. Prematurity rates are rising and these babies deserve all the help they can get.

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