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Dear Google

Dear Google,

Thank you for assuming that when I type ‘skunk’ into the search box, I meant I wanted to look at pictures of pot plants.

Unknown Amanda fact:
My favorite animal is a skunk.

It was a love that began with my first Disney movie. I love Flower from Bambi.

And sadly, when I verify ‘Flower the Skunk’ in Google, I still got weed.

But I want one. They’re so darn cute. They’re like cats but awesomer.

Baby skunks are even better.

And I have always said since WAY before Kyson was even a thought in my mind that I would always dress my son up as a skunk his first Halloween.

So after his NICU reunion Thursday, I’m running back to Old Navy to get his little skunk costume. I’m so stinkin excited.

And just so you know, Old Navy has some really cute costumes for babies and toddlers for around 20 bucks!!

They even have a cheeseburger.

We had so much fun Halloween shopping today. Wednesday isn’t so wordless this time, but it’s very cute.

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