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I Dunno, What You Wanna Cure?

The fight for preemies is apparently an uphill battle. I must say, I’m getting a little discouraged. No one really seems to care. I guess everyone has things to worry about but I really didn’t think I would be this ignored by people I call friends and supposed family members. But I don’t really care if I only have $20. I’m walking. I just wish I could make everyone care. I mean this is serious. It kills more people (babies for Gods sake!!!) than breast cancer, it’s the number one killer of babies in the world and it is the cause of 50% of birth defects like cerebral palsy and down syndrome and respiratory problems!! Not to mention the costs to the families. The total hospital bill in the US for ONE year equaled $18.1 BILLION! That is insane!!!! The average new born’s hospital stay is around $2000 while the average NICU baby’s bill is 77,000. Kyson cost us $112,000 which was paid by insurance thank God but he was only there for 17 days. Think how much it would cost for a micropreemie or a baby with major health problems. Take that and the extra care that they need, the special food, equipment and you’ve got a pretty big bill. That’s enough to make any parent nut up. Like me. I wouldn’t call it post traumatic but I’m scared to death of getting pregnant again. I have birth control and condoms and Im still paranoid. I don’t want it to happen again. It’s very scary. I believe I will always have emotional problems because of it. I just can’t handle it. I cry everytime I think about it. And that’s another thing MOD does. They provide support and materials in the NICU that help you understand what happens there, what all the tubes and machines do, gave us books to mark milestones in…. they even helped us celebrate Halloween by providing the entire NICU with costumes and they dressed them up and took their pictures. I guess I just owe them so much and I really want people to see how much they do for people. I mean, these people got it going on. They singlehandedly cured Polio and then looked around and said…. Well what can we cure now? That is amazing!!!


Magnesium Suckfate

So to make a long story short for everyone, my water broke 2 months early and i got put in greenville memorial because they have a super awesome icu for babies because they thought he would be too small to do for himself. So i have been on bedrest since mon. Trying to hold him off long enough to give him steroids for his lungs then they let me go last night and he was born at 11:24 and weighs 4lbs 15oz. Came out screaming and the only thing that hes hooked up to are monitors and an iv just to make sure hes eating good so he can grow and maybe come home this next week. The only down side is that i dont get to see him until later tonight because im still hooked up to magnesium sulfate just to make sure my blood pressure recovers and it makes me woozy so i got to stay in bed. Kyle says he cooed at him a little last night so im a little jealous… But it wont be long i guess and i’ll be up walking around. So keep little Kyson in your prayers so maybe he won’t be stuck in greenville all alone for so long. Love you all, Amanda

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