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Puppy Pads

Today was my last day at H&R Block until November. How could it possibly have been two months since I’ve wrote? I’m so happy I can get back to my wife and mother duties. I’m actually excited to clean my house. I started out in the bathroom today. Everything looks nice. I’ve ordered a bunch of cheap artwork from eBay this past week and it adds so much more character. I’m so proud.

I cleaned out the cabinets under our sinks and found a half used pack of puppy pads. I don’t know that I’ve ever shared this, but I used to have to sit on puppy pads when I was pregnant. My water was leaking so bad I slept on them. I lined the couch with them and took one with me everywhere I went. It’s kinda funny now but back then it wasn’t. I was miserable. But there they sit for some reason. I’m a pack rat. I hold on to everything like I might need them one day. Or maybe I’ll forget about something like that. But I’m getting better. I threw them away. But they’ve just been on my mind a lot today.

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