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Have You Any Wool

I’ve been having this dream for the past two nights about Kyson in the NICU. I can’t remember enough about it to get a grasp on it’s meaning. But if it happens again tonight, I’ll be a little spooked.

He’s 10 months today!!! Yay Kyson!!! So far today he’s tried to dive off the bed after his toy that fell, spilled my orange juice on the carpet (but it’s good that he actually figured it out), pulled his picture off the side table onto his head, and tried to eat a piece of construction paper. He’s started doing this squinty thing with his eyes and I don’t know if it’s him just copying one of us or what. It’s weird. I saw this sippycup in One Step Ahead that was shaped to where you don’t have to turn it all the way upside down to get your drink out.

I’m really thinking about getting one for Kyson.

I’m going to a Passion Party tonight. Never been to one but one of my close friends is a new consultant. I’ll let you know how this works out. It should be fun, if not funNY. Which means I’m gonna have to wash my hair and shave and junk. If only Kyson would take a nap.

Day 16 → Someone or something you definitely could live without.

I could definitely live without drama. I’m so sick of it I could puke. I’m not talking about MY drama, because no one cares to listen about my problems. That’s why I have to write about it here, hoping that some stranger somewhere will read it and say, “it’s okay, me too.” Everyone finds it imperitive that they unload all of their problems on me. My family is full of scandals and hypocrites and Kyle’s are all just nucking futs. And I’m stuck somewhere in the middle of it all.

This one was too cute. It’s me and Kyle hahahahaha

But this is how I really feel.

I am the black sheep. Baa.

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