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Blue’s Birthday Blues

Somehow I’ve gotten behind a day so I give up. Yesterday just won’t have a post. 😛

I’m trying to start planning Kyson’s first birthday which is in two months. I feel like an idiot starting so soon but I want it to be perfect. I’m already off to a great start there since I invited Kyle’s step-cousin and turns out they’re planning a big party in Atlanta (ish) the same weekend which means half of his family might not come anyways. The next step is finding out who IS so I can decide where to have it. This is the hardest part since I already have the rest of the details planned. It’s gonna be Blue’s Clues!!!! Yay!!!

My bumGenius got here yesterday and it’s not as brightly colored as I thought, but still cute. I ordered my first wetbag today from Monkey Foot Designs and it is TOO CUTE!! And I got an Armed and Dangerous AI2 from Dolce Baby coming soon. But I have to wait until she stocks on Monday. It’s gonna be a loooong weekend.

Day 05 → Something you hope to do in your life.

Someday I hope to lose all this weight. I’m not talking 30 pounds or so. I mean more like over 100. That’ll prolly never happen but I’d like to try to get there for my health which for some reason is still unbelievably good for someone of my size, besides the whole thyroid thing. Another thing is I want to buy an old, old Victorian house. And have nothing but beautiful antique looking furniture in it. That would be ideal.

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