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It Begins: A Reflection on Last Year

Right now a year ago, I was on my way to Greenville. I was discharged from a long night in the hospital triage the day before with HEAVY bleeding and then sent home to rest. Then to the doctor on Monday. I was there 10 minutes before Dr. Parker sent me to the high risk unit at Greenville. Thank God for that man. He was the only doctor that listened to me. No more sleeping on puppy pads for me, they’ll figure out what’s wrong. 

I got there and checked in. I was pretty calm about it despite the woman that was in labor next to me screaming. I walked to my room and everything was happy and going smoothly. The ultrasound lady came in and I realized that these were the same specialists I had been seeing all along! A blood pressure mishap turned into a good thing because these people already had records on us and knew all about what was going on. They said that he would be about five pounds but not to let the weight fool me. He would still have problems. He was only bigger because I was bigger.

Then they brought in the magnesium sulfate. Oh what a horrible, horrible thing to do to a person. It slows down and hopefully stops labor but it makes you sick. And since its pretty much just salt water in an IV, it burned and felt like glass ripping through my veins. That was THE worst part of my week there. That and the shots. They gave me shots once a day to speed up his lungs. Sometimes I swear I still get a pain where they stuck me. They hurt so bad. 

They didn’t know whether I’d make it through the night so I was treated like anyone else. I couldn’t eat or drink, just lay there. So I slept. All the family was there waiting and I was sneaking ice chips because I was so thirsty. Eventually the ice and the magnesium sulfate mixed in my stomach and made me barf salt water all over my mom and Kyle. Everyone cleared out after that and everyone went home except Kyle and my mom and dad… I think. After that night, I don’t remember much.           

Magnesium Suckfate

So to make a long story short for everyone, my water broke 2 months early and i got put in greenville memorial because they have a super awesome icu for babies because they thought he would be too small to do for himself. So i have been on bedrest since mon. Trying to hold him off long enough to give him steroids for his lungs then they let me go last night and he was born at 11:24 and weighs 4lbs 15oz. Came out screaming and the only thing that hes hooked up to are monitors and an iv just to make sure hes eating good so he can grow and maybe come home this next week. The only down side is that i dont get to see him until later tonight because im still hooked up to magnesium sulfate just to make sure my blood pressure recovers and it makes me woozy so i got to stay in bed. Kyle says he cooed at him a little last night so im a little jealous… But it wont be long i guess and i’ll be up walking around. So keep little Kyson in your prayers so maybe he won’t be stuck in greenville all alone for so long. Love you all, Amanda

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