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Constipation and Peanut Butter

im now three months and im starting to get poochier.
my favorite bathing suit doesn’t fit very well anymore.
and the mustang is in the shop so i’ve been sitting on my butt for 2 weeks.
i went to the dr. and it turns out i’ve actually lost 15 pounds in the past month.
i weigh less than i have in like 2 years, but i can’t keep it off. and that sucks.
and the strange thing is that even though i’ve lost, i still need bigger pants.
this will be fun.
but that’s okay cause fat kids are only supposed to gain 20 altogether with babies.
so i will end at the same place i started.

6 more weeks and i find out what it is. and im so excited.
and in four weeks, me and kyle will be married two years.

ethan got attacked by a snake today while he was trying to catch it.
i need to carry my pistol because i’m coming out swinging from now on.
i will not be snake food.
and on top of that, our field gets cut for hay next week, as if they didn’t need any help.

im tired and ready to go to bed.
and jesse never called me back, but that’s okay.
i made justin cry when i stole his computer.

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