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I’m Baaaaack

Sooooooo. I got internet!! Yay. It took forever to get it out here. We had to call almost everyone in existence. Some said our road didn’t exist and others just blew us off because we live so far out. We ended up with HughesNet. It’s a little more expensive, but they come to the boondocks and it’s actually pretty speedy.

I’m aweful at keeping up with the blog. But hopefully if I’m not too lazy, I’ll be back for good this time. (Promises, promises)

Kyson’s birthday is in a week. He’s gonna be two! Can you believe it?? I’m having a hard time with it really. Like, I cry when I put him to sleep and stuff. It’s just sinking in that he’s not really a baby anymore. 😦 He LOVES tractors. So we are going to have a tractor party at my family’s farm. We’re gonna paint pumkins and have a hay ride on the tractor. I’m so excited. I will post pictures later this week.

Ta-ta for now.

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