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And It Feels So Good

I get to go back to Greenville tomorrow! I’m so excited!!! I think I have an emotional attachment to that place. I can’t wait to get over there and see the water fountain I sat at in the big purple chairs every night during shift change. I want to smell the sanitizer and the cafeteria food. Feel the cool breeze in the parking lot. I want Kyson to see the huge tropical fish tank in the Children’s Hospital lobby and the player piano in the main lobby. I want to sit in the Cancer wing and read old copies of Watchtower. It just feels like… I don’t know… Like I’m visiting an old friend. It was really almost like mine and Kyle’s last big adventure where we were parents but still weren’t at the same time because we left empty handed every night. And I loved the talks we had riding home in the dark listening to Tony Evans on the radio. Eating Chic-fil-a every night cause the cafeteria was already closed when we finally got there after all the other parents had went home.

I miss having to push the button at the NICU door “to see the Brown baby” and practically take a bath in the sink before you came in. I miss my trusty Medela cooler/lunchbox thingy I had to drag around everywhere with Lisa Frank ice packs tucked around my precious milk cargo. (Heck yes! Lisa Frank!) All the bags I had to stuff into the little bitty work truck and ride all cramped up because it was either that or the mustang with no radio. And me with high water sweatpants and a pair of big ol white Vans looking like Forrest Gump sitting on the benches outside. Waddling around and drinking coke like no tomorrow. (I missed caffeine like woah)

Sometimes when I’m at my Mom’s I’ll go into my brother’s old room and sniff the air because it still smells like fresh paint and new carpet, just like it did when I was staying there so my mama could take care of me afterwards. I’m weird like that but I am SO freaking excited about tomorrow I could cry!!!! I’m going to take pictures too. That way I’ll always remember. I may never be back. (Hopefully)


i started bleeding thursday and had to go to the hospital.
they hooked me up to all these machines for like an hour and then told me not to worry about it.
but as far as i know, bleeding isn’t THAT normal.



everyone i’ve talked to said that it happened with them too so i’m not worried.
they told me not to have sexy time any more though.
which sucks because it was two days after we finally mastered the art of getting around this big belly of mine.

but i only bleed a little when i get out and start moving around alot so that kinda makes me wonder if he will be coming a little early.
so despite the doctor telling me not to worry unless i have contractions, i am putting myself on bedrest just because all this is scaring the ever loving crap out of me.
so don’t ask me to go anywhere for a long period of time.

but other than that, i’m still having fun. just worrying myself to death.
just continuing being a recluse.

so come see me or something so i don’t get all bored and depressed watching tv all day. seriously someone…..anyone.

i got his crib and his stroller fixed now so all i need is everything else.
haha. so you can come see it if you want to.

i finally killed all the ants that were invading my kitchen everytime it rained, only to find that they were instead feasting on a french fry under the seat of my car.
but i can’t really drive anymore anyways with out letting the seat back so far i can’t reach the wheel.

ps joy: i feel like a butthole, cause i don’t mean to be rude and steal your computer all the time when i come over but this is all i have. i’m sorry.

tell your family that too because i’m scared they hate me like “ugh. that hoebag comes over here an uses my computer for like 12 hours at a time”

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