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All Green

Thank God it’s Friday!! I’ve been finding good uses for my recalled Rockin Green this morning. I cleaned my kitchen chairs and have them chillin on the deck with my clean dipes soakin up some rays. I cleaned my floors with it. Hopefully my new bag will be here today. Bags actually. I gave in to temptation and bought some samples so I could try all the scents. Has anyone ever tried Lulu’s in the Fluff Glamour Wash? I’m tempted to get some of that next if I’m not impressed with this next RnG batch.

I almost hit this guy on the way to class yesterday morning.

I want one!! And a mini donkey and a skunk and I would be happy forever.

And today IS Friday so I’m hooking up with Hop Along Friday hosted by My New Life As Mom, Chubby Cheeks Thinks, Take A Mom’s Word For It, This Adventure Our Life, and Belly Charms. You have until the end of the day to hop aboard so go link up.

If you’re a visitor, welcome and please don’t mind my mess. I’m in the middle of renovating. 🙂 I’ll follow back if you comment me. And check out my facebook page while you’re here!

Last but not least, my question of the day with Thirty Days of Truth.

What do I dislike about myself?

I think I’d have to say that I don’t like my attitude. I’m very hard on myself and don’t usually give myself credit where it’s due. I second guess every decision I make because I’m scared I’ll make the wrong one I guess. It usually only bothers me at work but I guess you could just say I’m paranoid. I don’t know. But there’s my answer. (see, I’m even second guessing that!)

Haha I just notice everything on my post is green. Rockin Green, frogs, peacocks (well parts of them are), H&R Block. Weird.

Happy Friday 🙂

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