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Wic Woes

So Kyson goes to the health department for insurance reasons and for that sweet free formula that as long as I’m unemployed, we still qualify for. 🙂 Don’t judge. His formula bill every month is more than my car payment.

So alot of times at the health department you see young, um, (what’s the word?) ….. less intelligent people with 4 or 5 nasty little kids running around tearing stuff up and one on the way and she is too busy on her cell phone, talking about whooping someone’s ass, to tell them to quit.

So if all squares are rectangles, then rectangles must be square. So I must have gotten knocked up too and they have to save my baby’s life by teaching me the right way to raise him, because clearly, I’m an idiot if I’m in this lobby.

So they call my name. Only they just say ‘Brown’ because Kyson must be an ethnic name and they won’t attempt to say it. Just try it. “Kee-sawn”, like the lady at the birth certificate office said it, would be better than nothing. Hahaha. But I get back there and since Kyson is on preemie formula, they have to have a prescription, WHICH I had already faxed that morning. So Penney (the nurse) comes in and tells me that Dr. Jones didn’t check yes on the ‘baby food’ line. So ok, he forgot. But no. She has to go call them and and tell them to fax another one with a check mark next to baby food. And returned promptly when the receptionist told her that he was seeing patients and was very busy and it would have to wait.

He’d already sent you one. Can’t you just mark it for him??? And three months ago, he had to send another and he was eating baby food then! Why WOULDN’T you give an 8 month old food? And why do I need a prescription anyway? You can buy it all day long and it costs the same thing so why would I want it if he didn’t need it? So he can be fat like me? And do termie babies have to have their doctors sign off that they can eat baby food? No. I was mad. Especially when these are the same people that keep bugging me about therapy cause he didn’t know how to sit up when he was 7 months. Um. He’s two months behind you fools!!! And then they were amazed when I showed them how use his corrected age on the growth chart. So why are they giving me a hard time? Is it because he’s little? Or do they get kickbacks or something through these special programs they do for the preemies? I understand they have regulations but it’s just silly.

So now I have to wait to get another prescription sent before I can have baby food, meaning I have to come back in a few weeks. When usually I just buy it or make it myself anyways. It’s just the inconvenience. And the assumption that all young moms are morons. It makes me sick.

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