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Out of It

Today has been pretty slow. Nothing really interesting to tell. Kyle took me to eat at Applebee’s and I didn’t get to order what I wanted because I had a Metformin attack. (I’m taking Metformin to speed up my metabolism. You can look that up if you want.) so to spare details, I was in the bathroom. Then I had to stare at Kyle’s shrimp and Parmesan steak and loaded potatoes while I chewed on a club sandwich. Disappointment.

We went to party city to look for Blue’s Clues birthday party stuff but couldn’t find any. So we looked at the small section of Halloween stuff that was already out and played with hats. Kyson found this to be the funniest thing he’d ever done. 🙂 I love my baby’s laugh!

Then we went to Colby’s and played with a kitty that didn’t have claws so Kyson pretty much had a blast! Lucy just sat there and took it.

Then Cheyenne, Kyle’s cousin and fellow scorpio, is coming over tomorrow to tell us about my new reputation with Kyle’s family. Apparently, if we have an arguement, we must fight alot and it has been said that it’s like Jerry Springer up here. I wish Kyle would take up for me instead of letting his family say so many mean things about me. Like last night, they called Kyson girly and sissy cause he had on his amber teething necklace and he just stood there. May I remind you this is the same woman that decorated her son’s room with little mermaid when he was little!!! How is Kyle sane?? And she buys Barbies and My Little Pony for his brothers, no joke! She’s already bought Kyson a baby doll, yet an amber necklace is girly???? Ugh. These people are making me lose my mind.

And lastly,

Day 02 → Something you love about yourself.

I love that I am nice to others and forgive people and love everyone for who they are. I’m not bragging, but it’s a good feeling. And I love being not “crunchy” but slightly chewy. That makes me feel good too. Which reminds me. I ate a kitkat today with no wafer. 😦

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