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I’m not one of those moms who condemn others for their parenting choices. But I don’t want to ever say I didn’t at least try something that I wanted to. Some of the things that I had planned on doing, like breastfeeding, didn’t last very long because of latch problems and my love/hate relationship with my pump. It makes me cry to think of it but at least I can say that I tried as hard as I could. He just wasn’t ready.

Other things, like cloth diapers, can be done anytime you like. I bought Kyson’s first one this week. I had went to The Natural Baby in search of BumGenius diapers for a friend. I didn’t want to ride alone so I took a friend, who immediately started talking junk about the store as soon as we walked in. It didn’t take long to spot the rainbow of diapers stacked in cubby holes on the back wall. There were so many different kinds to pick from. Prefolds, pockets, all-in-ones, covers, one size, fitted… It was very easily overwhelming. Even though I had already researched the kind I liked, I found myself still second guessing my gut. It didn’t help much either that I was hearing “hippie yankies” in my ear the whole time.

Apparently if I was a cloth mom already, I’d know that BumGenius was switching to a newer version in the next week or two, so the only ones I could find were pink. So I said, heck I’m already here, all I have to do is take this first step and buy Kyson some. I found the FuzziBunz column and pulled out a green one. The inside was so soft that the palms of my hands snagged on it and I didn’t think my hands were rough. Besides, they’re so cute!

But still I hesitated and pretended to walk around looking at the rest of the store to give myself a pep talk. Finally, I got tired of the rude comments and went back to the diaper wall. I closed my eyes and grabbed the green one and walked away before I changed my mind again. (I am extremely cheap until it comes to Kyson). You should have seen my friend’s face as I proudly smiled and told the store owner that the diaper was for me and not the baby shower. 😛

The scoop on poop

The argument my friend had was that you don’t have to touch it if you just throw it away. Any one who has ever changed a diaper on a regular basis, especially before solid food, knows that you will be pooped on at some point. And more than likely, you’ll have to scrub under your nails to get it off a little more often than you’d like. Eventually, poop doesn’t bother you anymore. So why not shake it off into the toilet and flush it. It can’t be any more disgusting than cleaning up after a pet. It’s amazing how many of us do that for an animal but still cringe at baby poo.

Another myth to flush out is that all cloth diapers are little white triangles fastened with safety pins. That is so not true anymore. Of course, “prefolds” as they are called, can be used if desired but even they can be so drastically different from the ones our parents or grandparents used. Most cloth diapers are made just like disposables with Velcro or snaps. The only difference is that you wash them.


I don’t plan on giving them up altogether because I still have a box of pampers as big as a TV to go through. I never said that was and I have nothing bad to say about moms who use them because I have been for nine months now. But I feel like this is a really positive change for us since we had such a rough time with the Pampers dry-max fiasco. And I originally wanted to use cloth, but it’s so hard when they’re newborn to find the time to wash your own clothes, let alone diapers. So I see this as a transitioning stage before training pants. My game plan is to buy one or two every week and eventually I’ll have enough to go a few days without washing. The big selling point for me was the cost. Yeah, $20 on average for a cloth diaper is kinda steep but when you think of how much money you’d spend in the long run with disposables, that number is alot lower.

For instance, twenty FuzziBunz cloth diapers would cost around $400.

The average baby uses at least $1400 worth of diapers before the age of two. So you’ve already saved $1000 just by using cloth! And if you had any more kids down the road, you could reuse them and really save money!!!

So only three days into cloth diapering, I am completely obsessed with them. I can’t wait to buy more in different colors and patterns. I have a clean diaper sitting on the bed waiting for him to wake up so I can change him into his cloth. It actually makes changing time exciting.

The site that helped me get started was Diaper Jungle. It has everything!!!

And Mom’s Milk Boutique has a 30 day trial package and free shipping on diaper orders. That’s where I ordered Kyson’s newest one this morning. They also have other baby items and the detergents you need to use for the best results.

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