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The Country Mouse vs The City Mouse

Our bodies are made of about 60% water. In babies, the percentage is much higher at 78. Pretty cool, huh? So we can say water is pretty important. Right up there with oxygen. It keeps us alive. Makes us feel good. Ever had a hangover? You were dehydrated. Correct me if I’m wrong, but wouldn’t water be one of the few things that separate a house from a tent in the yard, other than air conditioning and directv? So am I right to be fighting mad when my father in law runs my well dry?

We live on a farm. We have cows and chickens and a nice creek with a big ole pond behind our house. It’s not our farm, it’s my inlaws’, but we’re about to start building our house here… or maybe we were until I blew off the handle the other day. We propped up a single wide this past year, roughly 100 yards from the chicken houses (sounds like Georgia to me!) so the agreement was that he would drill our well for us as a gift IF we let him use it as a backup for emergencies, like when his THREE other wells mess up. Sounds reasonable, what are the odds of that happening?

Well it did. And after a few days, with no warning that he had even been using it, red mud started coming out of the faucets. It occasionally does this if it rains alot because of something scientific that I can’t explain but Kyle can. Then once it stops raining for a few hours, everything’s back to normal. So I waited on my shower until in the morning. It never happened.

We went three days with no usable water whatsoever. I couldn’t clean, cook, bathe, wash clothes or dishes, NOTHING! So I was mad. When Kyle told him about it, he said “oh well” (no pun intended lol) because he had to have water for the chickens or they would die. That’s understandable since the chickens are his way of supporting his family. But why should we have to pay for the power to run water all day and night to the chicken houses since the well is hooked up to OUR power?? And my son shouldn’t have to start wearing pampers and drinking his milk out of a Dixie cup when the water at their house hasn’t been touched!!! There’s a 9 month old baby over here!

So Day 4, I woke up and the water was clear again. So I started washing things and I went all day with clean water until I tried to wash diapers, I put them through the rinse. It was clear, so I turned the hot water on. It was clear but when I went back to get them out, they were blood red with caked on mud. Now I know that my FuzziBunz can probably take anything you throw at them but I had just bought a brand new Blueberry Minky with bamboo inserts that cost me $35 and I was livid.

So I hulked out and started screaming at Kyle. Not yelling, screaming. Then as he continued to shrug it off and watch Spongebob instead of God forbid, caring about the muddy water, it made me madder so I threw my diapers into the front yard and packed up Kyson to go stay at my mom’s until the water cleared. Little did I know, they were all out in the pasture working on one of the wells and probably heard every mean, hateful thing I had said. I agree that I overreacted. But I still stand by my arguement that we need clean water to live. It’s not optional. But now they’re all hurt butt over what I said but I meant every word.

Kyle, who has been domesticated, went down there to use their washer to soak the mud out of the diapers before it set in. His mom told him that she WAS going to buy Kyson a new carseat (I mentioned it the other day and apparently that meant I was broke and needed her to buy it??) but then she just had to go buy a new well pump. Like, she was punishing me?? My God!!! But it does make me sad. I like Jimmy (Kyle’s stepdad) and think alot of him. And he’s terribly mad at me. I’m just wondering if you guys think I’m being a spoiled, stuborn, high maintainance, brat or just looking out for my family? Be honest. 🙂

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