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After watching NICU again this morning, I still don’t know why to think of it. The first one that came on was alot like Kyson because he was a mixture of both babies. But the second one that came on was kind of a let down. It seemed like it was more about c-sections and the mothers’ size, not the actual NICU. Like it was trying to pin the blame somewhere. You don’t have to do something wrong to have a premature labor. I was fat AND my pregnancy was perfectly normal up to that point. I’m not diabetic and I dont have high blood pressure. Maybe I picked up something too heavy, who knows. But if I did know I’d prolly feel like crap. And another thing I noticed is all of these babies weren’t all that early. And the way they showed it made it look so seemless. Very unrealistic. It also makes me wonder if a 36 weeker was still sick enough to stay a few weeks, maybe Kyson was smaller than I realize. I mean, I never look at him an say he’s so tiny, I look at other babies an say “look how fat!!” I hope we get to see some really early babies next week. So until then I can’t tell you if it’s good or not because I haven’t decided.

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