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Another Preemie Blog

June 9th snuck up on me. My little bitty is six months adjusted now. When I remember his real age, I feel relieved. There is alot of pressure for him to be caught up to other 8 month olds. I can hardly go to the grocery store with out someone saying, “eight months? He sure is little.” and then I have to explain things and most people don’t understand. I guess the best way to sum it up is, “he’s not supposed to be eight months”. People always jump to the conclusion and say that preemies are behind and that they have to catch up. When really, they’re on their own schedule. People also assume that because they are “behind” that they may not be as smart or that they are handicapped or something. Sometimes premature babies do have complications, but most of the time, they’re healthy for he most part and just couldn’t wait to see their mommy! Don’t feel sorry for me or my son. He’s absolutely perfect. And I mean that. He’s healthy. Mentally and physically. Yeah, he’s eight months and can’t sit up and has just now gotten his first tooth. But he doesn’t need therapy or any special treatment. And I don’t care if your kid was walking at nine months. Or that you think he should already be crawling. He’s not supposed to be!! So quit making me feel like I’m a bad mom cause my son isn’t hitting milestones “on time”. Do some research and figure it out. Prematurity isn’t a disease or a disorder. It just means you were born before your birthday.

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