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You walk outside and see a dead bird. Being a curious 8 year old, you probably grabbed a stick and poked it. Because you poked the dead bird, are you then responsible for it’s death?

I think I found out why everyone is giving me the stink eye with my March of Dimes. Apparently, not only do they bite the heads off kittens but they force mothers to abort babies. I guess if I went to church more often I would know that because of their “neutral stance on abortion”, I’m supposed to boo and hiss at them. (Exactly why I don’t go to church…. Too much booing and hissing at others instead of praising the Lord. Just sayin.) Before I go on, I want to make this absolutely 100% clear.


But what does it really matter if you are neutral? Is it maybe because the organization is mostly made up of thousands of average people that they don’t have a stance? Do we ask if Ronald McDonald was pro-life? No we eat there after church, can’t boycott that. Is Walmart pro-life? No let’s not mess with them, I’d rather still be able to drive across the street when church gets out and walk around so everyone can see me in my church attire…. And on the sabbath!!

Or is it because they helped develop amniocentesis that detects the possibility of birth defects? Thus causing many people to abort their “defective” babies? Pregnancy in general makes people abort babies too. Let’s stop doing that. They’re not even handed out to everyone. They’re used to diagnose diseases in your unborn baby. I never had one done, though it was suggested when I was hospitalized the third time. You know, since they stab a really long freaking needle through your stomach into your womb to check your fluid!! Um, no?

Personally, I didn’t care if he was sick, I’d love him regardless. But that may not be the case for some people. While it may help some people try to save their baby from having complications, apparently some abort. Since when are people not accountable for their own actions? Next thing you know, people will be complaining that guns kill people….. Wait. They do? Wow congratulations America. Good job.

I realize that I’m skating on thin ice wIth this subject, but can we not just appreciate the fact that they save thousands of lives every year? They are neutral because they’re not one person, nor are they a corporation. March of Dimes workers, volunteers, and walkers are made up of families. Thousands of families who just want to prevent babies from hurting. And that sounds like a pretty good cause to me.

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