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I forgot

I read an article in a magazine today about parents who leave their kids inside hot cars. Roughly thirty to forty children die each year in hot cars. Eighteen percent of the children died after parents intentionally left them in a car, and 30% died after climbing into cars to play. But sadly, about half of all deaths are due to parents forgeting their kids were in the car. Yeah. You heard me right. They FORGOT!!! How could you forget your own child in a car you just got out of? I feel bad leaving Kyson alone long enough to pump gas. Do you know what some people are blaming? Get this…. rear facing carseats keep you from being able to see your child. And the “nanny state” forcing parents to place children in the back seat is another supposed cause of forgeting you kid in a hot car. The article went on to say that parents should put something important in the backseat so they remember that their child is with them, like a briefcase or cell phone. Something Important… you mean, like, my child???

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