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Bewbs (Size Matters!)

I have enormous boobs. Not bragging. Not joking. I could never ever ever find bras or cute tops because nothing was big enough. Then I heard about Breakout Bras, a store about an hour from here that measures you to find the right bra size and actually STOCKS really big bra sizes!! And they have a excellent customer service. If you can’t come in to be fitted, they will talk you through it and help you decide which one would fit you the best for FREE!

That’s my bra on our heads. Constantly the subject of riddicule by friends and hubby

The thing about this store is that they go by UK sizes. This system uses smaller bands with bigger cups pretty much. They measured me for my bra and it turns out I was WAY off. I walked in wearing a 46DDD and left with a 40K (or a 40O in US) Big difference! It was almost like a boob job.

The website shows before and after photos but I’ll show my own.

And they are so much prettier than the old plain white ones I was used to. Not to mention that they have a large selection of swimsuits and breastfeeding items! I urge you to check it out. Even if your bra fits, you may be surprised! It was life changing for me and I will gladly drive an hour to buy my bras from them. Well worth it, I promise.

Check out their Facebook page too! They’re just a few fans away from 1000!

(I promise I wasn’t paid or anything for writing this. I just love this place!)

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