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Neonatal Nurses Day/The Big C

Today I have been chosen as the Spotlight blog for FBLYB. I was totally clueless until I saw where Simply Stacie posted it earlier on facebook. I slept kinda late this morning.

Firstly, I’d like to appologize for my choice of words last time, but I’ll leave them there. Anyone who’s ever had the misfortune of dealing with it would have said the same. My grandpa just found out there is more cancer. And his hair was finally growing back 😦 So Friday, he has to go get scanned and stuff and hopefully it hasn’t spread to any other organs. That’s kinda why I have been slacking lately. So again, excuse my F-Bomb.

It’s also Neonatal Nurses Day so show them some love for all the hard work they do to keep our little ones alive!!

Coming up in November is Premature Birth Awareness month and I am going to be shifting my focus there a little more. Tomorrow, one year ago was when I started having complications. So starting next time I will be reposting some of my writing from last year so don’t be alarmed. I’m okay lol.

If you’re a blogger who loves a preemie, join us November 17th to raise awareness!!!!


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