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Kyson’s Angel

If you’ve ever been pregnant, odds are you’ve had strange and very vivid dreams. I’m a believer in dreams’ meanings. I don’t always know the meaning but I know that there is more to It than just your brain working while you’re asleep. How else could you explain the book of Daniel?

The only people who know this story are my parents and Kyle. The week I found out that I was having a boy, I started having these dreams about my great grandfather. I just shrugged it off and said, well, I did concieve this baby in what was his bedroom. (We were living in his old house for a year.) So maybe that was just fresh in the back of my mind I thought.

They went on for the rest of my pregnancy and happened often enough that I told my mom about them. I had even put his name on our baby name list. Never really said anything to me except that we sat on the couch in his living room and talked. But he was young. Like my age. And he was happy for me and proud.

The last one I had was the night before I started contractions. We were in the livingroom again, only this time I was helping him find his fedora because he had to leave and didn’t want to be late. My mom agreed that it was pretty strange but never really thought much more other than pregnancy makes your dream strange things. That night, me and Kyle were watching ‘I Can Do Bad All By Myself” when I laughed ao hard I hurt myself.

But the pain didn’t stop. Until they gave me my epidural the next day at 4pm. And at 11:24 October 17th, Kyson was born. We were all happy and I was getting sewn up when my mom came up to my bed from across the room crying. I was like, chill out mama. She said that my dad had just gotten off the phone with my grandmother and she said, “how about that! I KNEW he’d be born on Dad’s birthday!” None of us had any clue when his birthday was. Even my dad. How freaking weird is that? So I don’t know if he was telling me something or if somehow, my Papa Joe is watching over Kyson, but I do believe that he talked to me. There’s no way. It makes me sound like a fruit loop, I know. But how else can you explain that? It makes me feel better knowing Kyson has his own personal guardian angel. Or something…. : /

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