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My Second Favorite 4 Pounder

Well we did it. Isabel is helping and like a light switch, here come people to help. I’m so happy. And people wanted bracelets as soon as I put a pic up too.

But I remembered today that there is another almost equally important preemie in my life that hadn’t crossed my mind yet because she’s all grown up… My mommy. Just like Kyson, she was born weighing only 4lbs on the day of her baby shower. How odd is that!!! Except you gotta think, this was in 1966. I’m quite sure at that point in time it was a lot harder to make it in the NICU. What a miracle it is that she should even be here! My Granny used to carry her around on a pillow and my Papa could hold her in one hand. My Granny Dockery wouldn’t even talk about her for the longest time because she didn’t think she would live. Her birthday is on the 28th this month. So in a way I’m walking for my mom as well as with her. I guess that’s why she connects with Kyson like she does. It’s an odd story really. There are alot of odd stories concerning Kyson’s birth but I’ll save that for another day. Yay for my mommy!!!

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