Excuses, excuses

I disappear for a month or so then I come back. It’s a cycle, you see. I’ve been dealing with a whole bunch of drama that I won’t really get into. But to sum it up: I don’t have clean running water and someone in my family had a mental breakdown and found out they are bipolar then sprained their ankle two weeks later. It’s been exhausting. And I’ve had to cloth diaper because of money this week and not because I like them. I am broke. Ahhhhhh!

But things are returning to normal. I moved my work table into the living room so I could spend more time with Kyson. It also helps that I can kinda watch tv while I’m cutting and pressing snaps (the worst part). I’ve doubled my speed too. I’m like, super sewer now. So I’m pretty happy about that. I’m actually going to be doing an event for my friend Michelle on her blog. That’s exciting. I’m just waiting to hear back about my Nykibaby license. I hope I get accepted the first time. I’ve been working really hard to perfect my skillz. My anniversary is Thursday. Woot!

So as usual excuses, excuses.


Can I Get a Amen?

Times I hate baby monitors:

• When it makes weird noises
• When the batteries die
• When Kyson decides to play with his toys that have really loud music
• When I’m in the bed asleep
• When I’m in the bed NOT asleep
• On the toilet. Ugh.

Puppy Pads

Today was my last day at H&R Block until November. How could it possibly have been two months since I’ve wrote? I’m so happy I can get back to my wife and mother duties. I’m actually excited to clean my house. I started out in the bathroom today. Everything looks nice. I’ve ordered a bunch of cheap artwork from eBay this past week and it adds so much more character. I’m so proud.

I cleaned out the cabinets under our sinks and found a half used pack of puppy pads. I don’t know that I’ve ever shared this, but I used to have to sit on puppy pads when I was pregnant. My water was leaking so bad I slept on them. I lined the couch with them and took one with me everywhere I went. It’s kinda funny now but back then it wasn’t. I was miserable. But there they sit for some reason. I’m a pack rat. I hold on to everything like I might need them one day. Or maybe I’ll forget about something like that. But I’m getting better. I threw them away. But they’ve just been on my mind a lot today.

Benefit for Little Adreanna

Right when I first started my blog and decided to help preemie mamas, I saw a friend on facebook talking to a girl in my town who had just had a preemie. I normally don’t add people I don’t know but for some reason, I felt like I should talk to her, so I messaged her. We started talking and now Tiffany and I are friends.

Her little Adreanna was born three months too soon and weighed 2 pounds 13 ounces. She is a very beautiful, happy baby and hardly ever cries. At first glance, you would never suspect anything was wrong. But 10 month old Adreanna is a very sick little girl. She has Necrotizing Enterocolitis, or NEC for short. NEC is a condition where the intestines become infected and can die. She has already had surgery to remove all but 21 centimeters of her bowels.

Due to her condition, Adreanna has an ostomy bag, a feeding tube, and a port that leads directly to a main vein in her heart for her to recieve nutrients. This also means Adreanna will need to have a pancreas, liver, and intestine transplant. In order for this to happen, they will have to stay in Nebraska for more than six months and need help for what is basically moving halfway across the country.

For my local friends: Adreanna’s family is hosting a benefit for her on March 10 at R&D Car Wash in Hartwell. They are selling hotdog plates for $5 and taking donations to help pay for their trip to Nebraska. Also a portion of the car wash sales from that day go to help Adreanna as well.

For my not so local readers: They are accepting donations as well. Message me for details. Any amount of help would be greatly appreciated and I thank you ahead of time for being generous to help this sweet little baby.

In Defense of Georgia

I’m snowed in. I’m not a wuss and yes, I HAVE seen snow before. I understand that we’ve been the butt of a lot of jokes this week. But I couldnt get out of my driveway to go to work today. I tried three times and almost side swiped my pear tree before giving up. This stuff is crazy. And yeah, it’s only a few inches but we just aren’t prepared for this stuff. It’s not that we can’t drive, though many of us can’t. The problem is that our state doesn’t have a reserve of salt or trucks that plow the roads. We’re used to mud puddles. Big sloppy red ones. You Northerners can’t expect us to be any more prepared than you would be if you walked outside tomorrow and found a beach. Would you have a bikini and a pair of skis ready? Come on now… You people vacation here. Your grandparents retire here. It’s supposed to be hot!!! Ok I’m done. 🙂

I signed our team up to March for Babies again this year. And I notice that certain people are beginning to rolls their eyes a bit. I’ve been told that Kyson is better now, so why worry about it. Ugh. But I will keep going. Because I want to help babies. Kyson wasn’t in the Nicu for very long and I feel very fortunate, but I wouldn’t want to see another child suffer.

Maybe my heart’s too big. Maybe I’ve still got a touch of depression about it. Maybe I know that if I don’t, who will? Should I leave it up to next unsuspecting mama? I have a friend in Ronald McDonald house right now! I do this for her. I do this for the babies who haven’t even been born or conceived yet. For the mamas who never got to meet their babies. For the mamas who were told “I’m sorry. There’s nothing else we can do”.

It’s not about me.

2010 in review

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Kyson Aidan June 2010

Long time no see, right? I’ve been kinda hanging around spending time with Kyson and getting my house under control. And on top of all that, I’ve been starting back at H&R Block. So I’ve been keeping busy to say the least. Mostly, because I’ve been on a highly restrictive diet and have had to keep myself occupied so I wouldn’t think about the lack of food. But I’ve lost 30 pounds since November 6, so I won’t complain.

Kyson is 14 months and 2 weeks so I’ve been getting a little anxious about the whole walking thing. Kyson has been working particularly hard on a jaw tooth since Christmas so he had been pulling at his ears a lot. So much that I was beginning to doubt my judgement and I took him to see the pediatrician to just make sure there were no ear problems. Of course they were perfectly fine but before he left the room, Dr. Jones brought up the walking issue. Going on 15 months and not walking yet was worrying him and this conversation did nothing but make me feel even worse. Not that I believe there is anything wrong with my child, but I think it’s safe to say that some of us preemie moms are pretty paranoid about the possibilities of disabilities caused by being born early.

So we came home and spent time with Kyle because he Has been off work the past two weeks. Yesterday, me and Kyle took a day to ourselves to go shopping for patio furniture and left Kyson with his parents. When we came home, we were greeted at the door by Kyson taking his first steps. And I mean he walked a long way! Just like sitting up and crawling, he took his time.

I’ll leave you with some pics of what’s been going on. See you in my next moment of solitude. ❤

Riding his firetruck

Trying to climb
into his racetrack on Christmas morning

His first time playing in snow

Baby Gaga playing with markers

Riding his new 4-wheeler

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