Oh my GOSH I suck at this these days. The terrible twos are upon us. Kyson’s birthday was yet another flop. I can’t wait until he has his own friends so they can come and he can have fun. Not to mention, the whole in-law showdown where Kyle’s herd sat on one side and mine on the other and they didn’t speak. But I wasn’t really expecting much else.

My mom DID set her stove on fire cooking popcorn for the party…. Like, 10 minutes after my firefighter dad left and just before my firefighter brother got there. Pretty ironic. She had to call the fire dept. Hilarious!

And I had the second or third (I’m not sure) biggest scare of my life Thursday. Kyson started choking really really bad and screaming “mouth!” I had no idea what was going on. I was on the potty and heard him scream in between gasps. I freaked out. So I ran out into my yard with no pants, in the rain, screaming for help. (It’s okay to laugh. That’s pretty funny.) Finally got my mil on the phone and she walked—yes, walked—up to my house to help. I just thank god he finally swallowed what I found out yesterday was a hexagonal nut as big around as a dime, from who knows where. Reality check. Maybe he’s not as responsible as I thought. I guess I’ll have to resort back to drawing cats and smiley faces on the bathroom wall with a crayon so I can keep him in my sight when I gotta go.

November is prematurity awareness month. And I’m not doing anything special this year. Sorry, too busy. 😦

Love and hugs to all the preemies… You’ve come a long way, baby!



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