Thank You Mr. Eisenhower

We live in a small town, so if you need something or get bored you cross the state line to the next town over. We went there to get Kyle some new glasses and me some Halloween fabric. There are two ways to get there. The first is the scenic route on the main roads. The second is by interstate.

We ended up going on the interstate; the same drive we used to make every single day to go see Kyson in the nicu. As we came off the ramp and merged into traffic, we both got kinda excited. Almost two years have passed and we still feel the energy on that patch of road. I don’t even actually THINK about why, I just feel it. It’s love and happiness. It’s freedom. It’s like Christmas morning. And the only thing that makes it even better is that Bitty is sitting next to me saying “ooh wee!” when a big truck drives past.


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