Excuses, excuses

I disappear for a month or so then I come back. It’s a cycle, you see. I’ve been dealing with a whole bunch of drama that I won’t really get into. But to sum it up: I don’t have clean running water and someone in my family had a mental breakdown and found out they are bipolar then sprained their ankle two weeks later. It’s been exhausting. And I’ve had to cloth diaper because of money this week and not because I like them. I am broke. Ahhhhhh!

But things are returning to normal. I moved my work table into the living room so I could spend more time with Kyson. It also helps that I can kinda watch tv while I’m cutting and pressing snaps (the worst part). I’ve doubled my speed too. I’m like, super sewer now. So I’m pretty happy about that. I’m actually going to be doing an event for my friend Michelle on her blog. That’s exciting. I’m just waiting to hear back about my Nykibaby license. I hope I get accepted the first time. I’ve been working really hard to perfect my skillz. My anniversary is Thursday. Woot!

So as usual excuses, excuses.


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