Preemie Spotlight –

In November, I met a mom named Denise. I read her blog and
started following her on twitter. We chatted a while and I decided I wanted to feature her so you could all read about her little ones. So I’ll turn the blog over to her and let her tell you more about herself.

“I am a 28 year old mom of two wonderful boys. My oldest is Andre. He is 9 years old and was born at 37 weeks gestation. My youngest Son’s name Is Johnny. He was born 10 weeks early, which means he arrived at 30 weeks gestation. My pregnancy with both my boys was very hard on my body but carrying Johnny was the hardest. I was very sick and weak all the time. In my 12th week of pregnancy I found out that I had a second amniotic
sac that contained nothing in it and a hematoma which is a large
blood clot near my amniotic sac and my placenta. This caused a very big potential for me to miscarry. I was placed on bed rest and had to quit school until baby Johnny was born.

At first I didn’t want to stop going to school because I was working on getting my certificate for medical assisting. I needed it to regain employment. I was unemployed because three years prior to me getting pregnant, my right arm was smashed in a freight elevator door. Due to my injury I had to have three extensive surgeries to try and repair the nerve and muscle damage that was done. I didn’t want to put my ability to provide for my older son on hold. But I

I still had a lot of complications. My most prominent was contractions and bleeding. It seemed Johnny’s dad and I were at the hospital every two to three weeks because of bleeding.

Johnny was born December 12, 2009 at 7:54pm via emergency c-section. I was not prepared for the things that my body had to go through or the things I had to see and withstand. I had to watch my little 3lb 4oz baby go through a lot in his first few months of life. I placed a lot of blame and guilt on myself because I thought that the stress of trying to be a mom and provider to my oldest son took the front seat to what needed to be taken care of first. I felt this way because all of my bills were behind. I was not released from my physician to work and I wasn’t receiving any help from anyone.

Still until this day i’m so behind. I haven’t’ found a job as of yet and the bills are racking up. All of these things I started to
explain in my blog In this blog I describe the struggles that I went through before, during and after my pregnancy. I even plan on carrying out the blog as my baby gets older and develops. I like to write my blog with true feelings.
Especially the feelings I think that other preemie moms can relate too.

In my very first post I was asking for financial help. I
needed it and still do, but then my blog turned into something much more. I was able to connect with other preemie parents and that was therapeutic. I was able to feel like someone else understands what I am going through. I am so thankful for those who continue to follow me on twitter and read my new posts everyday. I hope that my blog can help other preemie parents. I hope that I can share my story with all who may be interested as well as connect with others. I hope others are interested and start to read about my


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