Because it’s Prematurity Awareness Month, I’d like to share some stories from other preemie moms. Then perhaps, even continue on even after November.

My very first spotlight blog is Mike&Ollie. We found each other through the Bloggers Unite: Fight for Preemies event. Mike&Ollie is the nickname given to preemie twins Isaac and Molly, who arrived four months too early in 1991 at 24 and 3/7ths week gestation. Their mother, Susan Bearman is posting their NICU journey on her blog. At birth, the twins weighed in at 1 pound 8 ounces and 1 pound 10.5 ounces. The twins spent more than four months in the NICU at Evanston Hospital in Evanston, IL. During this time, Susan kept a journal to try and stay sane and to help keep track of their progress. It begins on their birthday, November 17 and ends on their final day on the ISCU, March 26. Another cool thing about this blog is the glossary. It never crossed my mind that everyone doesn’t know what an NG tube is. Here, you can find out some of the words we’ve had to add to our vocabulary. Mike&Ollie is very touching and I only wish I had kept a journal like this. I only wrote everything down in a breastfeeding journal. I don’t follow very many blogs, but I am anxiously awaiting her next post. This is definitely a blog worth watching.

The ultimate cuteness. Molly (r) sucking her thumb and Ike sucking her other.

Here is Susan’s story:

My twins were born at 24 weeks, spent 5 months on the NICU, didn’t talk until they were four and had many, many years of therapy, not being on (or even near the growth charts), developmental delays and the usual retinue of preemie complications. Here’s the thing, though. My twins are some of the oldest surviving 24-weekers. On November 17, 2010, we celebrated their 19th birthday. They are now happy, healthy young adults. November 17 also happens to be National Prematurity Awareness Day. I thought that was such an amazing coincidence, that I started a new website, where I am posting the actual journals that I kept during our stay on the NICU. I am also currently writing a memoir of their journey.

That is just awesome. Here are some links to her blogs and some other places she and the twins have been featured:

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On my personal blog, Two Kinds of People:

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I also was invited to do a guest post on The Bird Sisters Blog:

Mike&Ollie (


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  1. Thank you so much for this post. I am honored to be the first blog spotlighted here on Preemie Mama. We hope our story at Mike&Ollie provides some hope and support to other preemie families. I wish I had had been able to reach out to other preemie moms who had already been there. The internet lets us create some amazing communities. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Our first Thanksgiving with our twins was spent on the NICU, and it was a scary time, but we still felt thankful. That’s what our twins gave us.

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