As you may or may not know, November is Premature Birth Awareness Month. One in eight babies are born premature. Many are left with life long disabilities. It’s important to raise awareness for this growing problem. The March of Dimes reports that the premature birth rate has risen 20% in the past fifteen years.

Over 500,000 babies are born premature every year. That equals about 10,500 babies born preterm every week, and 45,000 babies born too soon this month alone.

13 babies will die today because they were born too soon.

So I will be blogging for awareness during the month of November. Show your support too and blog about it. Change your profile picture to an awareness ribbon or color it purple. People need to know that this is a serious problem and getting worse every day. I implore you to help me. Please.

Also I would like to feature some stories from real preemie mamas in the coming weeks. Please feel free to share. ❤
You can reach me at my email (amanda_brown2257 at yahoo dot com). I really hope to hear from you!


Comments on: "Premature Birth Awareness Month" (1)

  1. Thanks so much for helping to spread the word about the seriousness of premature birth. This is greaat!

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