Pumpkin Eating Skunk :)

Hey. I’m happy to be blogging this morning. It’s Premature Birth Awareness Month so I was looking for a picture of a ribbon of something. So I Google Image searched “premature birth awareness” and BAM!!! There was a picture of me and Kyson from where we were featured on another blog last year. It made my day. It’s not really MY accomplishment, it’s Jamie’s but it made me feel better to know I was really getting the word out one way or another. Especially when I was getting a little discouraged.

I guess we had a fun Halloween. It was nothing like it was when I was a kid though. More and more people are turning off the porch light. It was kind of depressing.

But I carved a pumpkin

And Kyson tried to eat it. So I’m gonna see if I can get Kyson’s picture made in his costume a little bit outside. I think I’ll throw some hay in front of the tractor and let my little skunk play. He was so cute! But me and Kyle ate too much candy I think. It’s good it’s only once a year. Everyone gave us Reese cups because they’re soft and we’re peanut buttered out.


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