Breasty and the Beast

I know many of you don’t like this word. It’s a harsh word. But I really hate “Breastfeeding Nazis”. If you’re a formula mom, you know what I mean. And if you’re a breastfeeding mom, you have no clue.

Formula moms are belittled and treated like scumbags because we can’t give our kids “booby juice” (as my husband calls it). Sure, there are those moms who shove whatever they can in their children’s mouths just to make them shut up, but do NOT assume we are all that way. We already know that breast is best. Trust me, I’ve attended countless classes, seen my share of lactation consultants, downed whole bottles of fenugreek and drank more water than a camel trying to breastfeed. And don’t tell me I’m lazy and gave up too easily. I faught until the end.

I dare you to try to feed a premature baby who can’t even breathe good much less latch onto a boob that is over five times his size! I dare you! I’m proud that I had one month. It’s more than anyone else in my situation could have done. I’ve cried so many times and would still to this day give my left ovary to be able to. When I think of milk, I hang my head in shame. It hurts. It’s almost like a part of me is missing. But there comes a point when you have to make the decision to feed your baby and choose him OVER the Medela. Isn’t feeding the whole point?

So please be considerate of other people. Keep the negativity out of breastfeeding. I know you mean well, but its highly offensive to us moms that had problems. We’re not all perfect. Nazi is a harsh word and I appologize, but let’s not persecute the formula moms. We do the best we can.

5 Things that Make You a Breastfeeding Nazi (and 5 Things That Don’t)


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  1. I’m a Breastfeeding Mama and even I have had issues with the breastfeeding police – among them, my Mother… It’s sad that people have to go around looking for ways or reasons to put other Mamma’s down. We’re all doing the best we can dang it! I’m all for breastfeeding, but when you are so stressed about trying to feed your baby that you can’t enjoy him – yeah, you gotta get your priorities straight. I’m STILL using a nipple shield, and despite pressure from the “nazi’s” I’m in no hurry to wean him off it. Our first few days were HORRIBLE and I’m in no hurry to return to that nightmare.

  2. Very well said! I understand your anger and frustration. With my first born son, I too encountered many issues trying to breastfeed. Firstly he couldn’t latch correctly no matter how hard he, I or any of the midwives and LC’s tried. Secondly, I had a very unsupportive partner who just rolled his eyes at me like I was an idiot when I explained that I’d had no sleep and his son was wailing and fighting everytime I put him to the breast (afterall breastfeeding is supposed to be so easy and blissful right?) My partner told me formula was not an option due to the detrimental effect it would allegedly have on our sons health. So I pressed on sleep deprived, pumping all day to increase my dwindling milk supply and found that I forgot to eat due to stress to ‘perform’ – which compounded the problem. When I took my son to the hospital and had to stay overnight with him for an unrelated problem, everything came to a head. The doctor wanted to keep us both in a few extra nights to make sure I got the hang of breastfeeding, despite the fact that my partner finally relented and allowed me to take formula to the hospital. She started with, “I’m not a breastfeeding nazi, but I feel you should give breastfeeding another shot”. How dare she!! At that moment I bawled my eyes out and told her if there was no medical reason to keep either myself or my son in the hospital, that I wanted to go home. She reluctantly agreed.
    Fast forward three years and I have a second son who latched like a pro from the very beginning. What a world of difference that made to my supply and stress levels this time around!
    At first I had to supplement a little with formula because he was so hungry. One of the midwives had a bit of a dig at me about that in hospital (reminding me that my supply would suffer as a result of my decision) but I stood strong. No, my supply didn’t suffer because I finally had the few hours sleep that I needed to recharge my batteries and restore my confidence to keep trying. This time it paid off. My son is now five weeks old and exclusively breastfeed. So to all the pushy partners, LC’s and midwives out there I’d like to say back off. We’re all trying our best and we’re all only human. Stress and sleep DOES impact upon milk supply, so give us mums a break.

  3. I breast fed but I feel sooooooo strongly about this: I am sure whatever the reason for not breast feeding is, that together with current day formulas are surely better for the baby than a stressed out or guilt ridden Mum! As long as there is love, it will be alright!

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