Don’t Judge Me Bro

Sorry I haven’t been around much. I’ve been working on transitioning from SAHM to WAHM(-ish.) My friend and I are starting to clean houses for extra money. Which is a pretty good job around here with all the big fancy lake homes. We’ve really been in a struggle trying to get his birthday stuff ready so I’m hoping we get started fast. I may not even have the money to go to my precious Luke Bryan concert. Which SUCKS! I’m gonna try to fill out another W-4 for Kyle so he can get some more money through the week. Why would we need a $4,000 tax refund? It’s pretty stupid. (He still claims single.)

These milestones are starting to get to me. People find it imperative to remind me I started walking when I was nine months old and so-and-so started when he was 10 months and blah!!!!! I was looking at a picture of Kyle’s friend’s daughter on her 1st birthday standing there holding a balloon. Geez. Kyson can almost stand on his own but not quite. Sometimes it just gets to me. I know he’s not really 11 months (More like 9), but what am I supposed to do? Do I need to make Kyson wear a shirt that says, “Don’t judge me, I’m a preemie”? Ugh. But I don’t want him to have that identity for the rest if his childhood. That’s why I’ve often contemplated changing the name of this to something else. What do I call myself when he’s not preemie anymore? Do I just start all over with a new one?

Le sigh.

I’m doing FLYB today so, hello people!! (:

I’m about to go hang flyers and get some customers!! (I hope)


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  1. Hey no worries about him walking! Noah didn’t walk till 13 months and mostly cuz we pushed and tried and begged him too! haha. And he’s not a preemie at all! He couldn’t even stand on his own at 11 months so Kyson is ahead of Noah really!

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