(Continued from 9/17)

Three months before, in June, I went in for a check up. The blood pressure cuff was too little and snapped off my arm while it was doing it’s thing and the new nurse had no clue what she was doing and tried to hold it on with both hands mashing it into my arm and let it finish. She should have started over but the nurse took it as fact, even though the thing wasn’t touching my arm good in places. My blood pressure was supposedly 169/90-something. I have never had high blood pressure before nor did I have it ever again. (Mine usually hits right at 114-ish FYI) But still they decided to send me to a specialist for my ultrasound, as I was now classified as high risk. Everything was normal even though I was leaking somewhat but the stupid nurse told me it was probably pee without even checking me.

Follow Your Gut!

Being high risk, I was scheduled for ultrasounds with a specialist at the hospital once a month. In July, I went in as usual and I hear her utter the most frightening words any expectant mom could imagine. “Let me go get the doctor.” Dr. Mabie, all the way from Greenville, comes in and tells me that there is a subchorionic hematoma in my placenta, which is really just a fancy word for a patch of blood floating around the outside wall (also a pretty good indicator for a threatened miscarriage). He asked if I had picked anything heavy up or noticed any bleeding. I was puzzled. Not a drop. Nothing.

Until Sept 17.

(To Be Continued…)

When you know something is wrong but the doctor says you’re fine, what do you do? You know your body more than anyone. But he has a degree. If you feel like something is not right, do NOT hesitate to pick up the phone and call your doctor at any hour. Don’t feel stupid even if they make you think you are. The life and health of your child is most important. And if he doesn’t give you a good enough answer go to the hospital or find another doctor.


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