TMI(ntuition) *rerun*

[Repost from Sept 17, 2009]

i started bleeding and had to go to the hospital.
they hooked me up to all these machines for like an hour and then told me not to worry about it.
but as far as i know, bleeding isn’t THAT normal.



everyone i’ve talked to said that it happened with them too so i’m not worried.
they told me not to have sexy time any more though.
which sucks because it was two days after we finally mastered the art of getting around this big belly of mine.

but i only bleed a little when i get out and start moving around alot so that kinda makes me wonder if he will be coming a little early.
so despite the doctor telling me not to worry unless i have contractions, i am putting myself on bedrest just because all this is scaring the ever loving crap out of me.
so don’t ask me to go anywhere for a long period of time.

but other than that, i’m still having fun. just worrying myself to death.
just continuing being a recluse.

so come see me or something so i don’t get all bored and depressed watching tv all day. seriously someone…..anyone.

i got his crib and his stroller fixed now so all i need is everything else.
haha. so you can come see it if you want to.

i finally killed all the ants that were invading my kitchen everytime it rained, only to find that they were instead feasting on a french fry under the seat of my car.
but i can’t really drive anymore anyways with out letting the seat back so far i can’t reach the wheel.

To Be Continued…..


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