Me and Kyle spent all weekend cleaning out our back bedroom. You know, the empty one you had hoped would become a guest bedroom but instead you throw all the junk you own into it. We threw away so much stuff. Mostly mine because I’m somewhat of a hoarder. We never technically got moved in since I was pregnant and it was summer so whenever we needed something we’d just go digging through any random box until we made an even bigger mess and then gave up when we couldn’t find it.

I DID find

• A Nintendo 64
• A bunch of old framed art I took when I left my great-grandma’s house. Including one BADASS picture that I would LOVE to know more about.

• My highschool diploma
• Some parts to a Medela pump
• a notebook we used to write notes during class in high school. God we were weird!!
• A dried mouse carcass under the bed. (Thanks alot, Stitches.) My kitties are always bringing me such sweet gifts!

But finally we were done and now Kyson has his very own bedroom and Kyle has a more neatly organized junkhole with a tv so he can play Call of Duty while I watch my “stupid gay vampire show”. “I’m a fairy? How f**king lame.”

So last night Kyson had no problem once he finally got to sleep but me and Kyle did. Kyle more than me I think. It’s past time to move out but I guess it was just hard on us with him being so little and not breathing good and three months turned into ten before we knew it.

I’m not making excuses. I’m not ashamed. There are some people that might say he’s going to be a wuss because he still sleeps with us. Well Kyson has been through more than most babies and he almost never was so we keep him a little closer. But I know that I need to give him space to grow. I’m not stupid. It was just hard for us.

He slept well but I didn’t. I kept looking up at the monitor to make sure it was still working and that he wasn’t crying. And Kyle kept snoring and elbowing me in the ribs. So yeah. But I’m happy now. And I think he likes it in there with all his toys. Now I all I have to do is wait on Fall so I can rip up everything but the bathtub in his bathroom and fix it up. I can’t wait.


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