Rainy Day in Georgia

It’s raining but we totally need it. I’ve been saying for weeks now that I feel fall coming because the sun is getting lower in the sky. So maybe it will cool down a bit.

Kyle told me he wanted to name a kitten so I told him he could rename Hamlet. The only thing he came up with was Gigglemuffin but we determined that it should be used as Esther’s last name 🙂 So I’m open to suggestions for names for a yellow striped male kitten.

I finally sold my Mustang yesterday. Not nearly for as much as I wanted for it, but at least it’s not my problem any more. And I finally got my shovel and pail decoration but I pulled it out of the mailbox all smashed up because the new mailman is a dickhead. Who tries to cram a sand bucket into a mailbox!!! So I’m now watching Blue’s Clues for ideas and making my awesome crockpot macaroni an cheese. (just holler if you want the recipe!)

Day 20 → Your views on drugs and alcohol.

Drugs. I think drugs are bad but only because they’re illegal. Morally, I see no problem with marijuana but anything that is made in a bath tub with chemicals is wrong. Pot smoking now is like drinking alcohol during Prohibition. It doesn’t work. An it overcrowds our jails. The only reason it is associated with crime is because it’s illegal. If it were made legal, it wouldn’t be such a problem. It’s a plant that is natural. Like tobacco but not near as deadly. So I have no problem with it. And alcohol is good in moderation. Jesus turned water into wine and I don’t want to hear you say it was grape juice cause that’s BS! It was said to be the best wine they served at the wedding so it had to be some goooood stuff. Only when you let alcohol control you or make you drunk enough to do stupid stuff is it wrong.


Comments on: "Rainy Day in Georgia" (3)

  1. Too cute! How about pumpkin… I dunno… it took me forever to name my furbaby.
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I am now following on all networks.
    All the best,

  2. Okay girl, where the heck is your follow button..LOL???
    Also… can u send some of that rain this way, its been over 102 all week long and we are burning up ovah here!!

    • As far as I know, wordpress doesn’t support google connect or anything cool. Just email subscription. I think. 🙂

      And the rain didn’t help much. It just turned it into a very humid 100°. Yuck.

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