Cat Lady

The crazy cat lady in me won for once. I have three new kittens. Hamlet, Esther, and Sookie. They are 7 weeks old and oh so precious. And what’s even better is that they are Lucy’s kittens. Poor thing. But it worked out for the best. (Story of Lucy’s short stay at our house)

Kyle is hanging out with Chris. Ugh. But we did get some things cleaned up around here. We are moving Kyson into a bigger bedroom. Who knew he had so much stuff!!

The romance party went well. We got to play with fake weenies and edible lotion stuff. We all covered ourselves in pheromone spray and powdered candy when the lady wasnt looking so we could test it when we got home. Kyle wasn’t very pleased. He said I smelled like an old lady. So I washed my arms where we put the pheromones and then I tried to coax him to bed. Second time’s the charm and it was marvelous. So I’m guessing it worked. Just don’t put much on next time. I did order this stuff called Great Head that dulls your gag reflex. Too much information? Oh well. You’ll get over it!

Day 17 → A book you’ve read that changed your views on something.

I will go the most popular route and say the Bible, but not in the way most people say. The Bible changed my view on Christianity. Forget everything you think you know and just read it, cover to cover. There are so many things you hear and learn growing up that are entirely contradictory to the Bible. So actually reading God’s Word, as opposed to listening to scrambled up bits and pieces really changed the way I look at things. Most people say the way I think is unorthodox and radical but so was Jesus. Remember that.


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