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I think I’ve done surprisingly well this week not letting my anger get the best of me. Pretty much because I have been hiding out all week and haven’t seen anyone. Buuuuuuut I do always have something to complain about because that’s just me.

• Fawk you to everyone who thinks just because you know how to Photoshop a picture of your friend pretending not to pose (because we all stand in trees smoking a cigarette from time to time…), that you are a “photographer”. I’m sick of seeing you upload 74782846483 pictures everyday of the same crap, just with different filters.

• Fawk you little kid who screams instead of talking in a normal inside voice. And you smell like pee and are on your way to being a sex fiend at the age of four. Good job.

• Fawk you party supply stores of the world for no longer having Blue’s Clues.

• Fawk you whatever is clogging up my diapers. Mail lady, please have my RLR today so I can soak the piss out of them… Litterally.

• Fawk you leg cramp I had in the middle of the night. Oww.

• Fawk you dreams about B.

Day 12 → Something you never get compliments on.

My teeth. My body (unless it’s Kyle. He likes fat girls). My house. My cooking. Being outspoken. My brain which oftentimes gets unnoticed because I myself am overlooked in most situations. Alot of things aren’t complimented on because I’m really quiet and tend to stay in my head unless someone asks me directly what I think. So I’m like invisible or something. People may think I’m rude or stuck up but I just don’t want to be a nuisance. I guess because I see how narcissistic people can be, especially at work, and that’s a complete turn off. Not to be confused with selfishness, because I am eat up in it. But bragging and pride… Yuck! So I just sit quietly and let people walk by and say “Oh! I didn’t know you were here!” I guess in my mind I think that if you are worth knowing and talking to, people will come to you. Idk.

• And Fawk you “narcissistic” for immediately getting Marilyn Manson stuck in my head then realizing as I fixed Kyson’s bottle, how funny it would be if Towelie off South Park were to sing The Dope Show. Me and my twisted mind. 🙂


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