Sweet Peas in a Pod

So I’m looking at doing some marketing for someone in the next month. They need to update real bad so they can gain a bigger client base. I’m just hoping that it goes well. That way maybe I can do something that I like doing for once. Here is a thought, if someone gives coupons to the facebook fans or followers on twitter, would you be more willing to buy that product from them where normally you wouldn’t? And if they were more eco-friendly? I just really want to get some ideas together to give to the owner because he is a little old fashioned. He doesn’t understand that the way the place looks and the layout affects how many customers return. I dunno. Just a thought. I’d really like some input because I want this to work for him. What makes you not come back to a place? Service, layout, cleanliness…. tell me all. Because I’m going to have to learn how to use twitter for this project and I have no clue how. Never tried it, although I have been there several times and then chickened out.

Day 11 → Something people seem to compliment you the most on

My hair and my eyes. That is all. Deep green. And I have perfect hair (when I feel like it) I’m in love with those two things. That’s really all I got going for me physically. I get alot of compliments about being sweet, but that’s only because I’m usually quiet around people that I don’t know very well. Haha. And my writing and music type things usually get compliments. But other than that….


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  1. You missed a few – You’re an AMAZING Mommy. You have the guts to speak your mind (this is a big one for me, cause I need a freaking backbone) You are stronger than you realize, with what you went through with Kyson and go through with the family. And yes, you have georgous hair (which I would KILL for – If it were anyone else but you, cause I’d miss reading your blog too much …) and beautiful eyes, and write one of the most entertaining blogs I’ve ever read 🙂

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