Day 10 → Someone you need to let go, or wish you didn’t know

Yes, I know I’ve already done this one. But I want to change my answer. For the sake of not feeling like an ass, I erased my first answer the other night and decided to change it. It sounds so terribly insensitive and makes me feel like a horrible person but I wish I didn’t know my grandmother. Yes, my grandmother. She just makes me so mad. The latest episode of “Let’s Piss In Amanda’s Cheerios” was her planning to go to New Hampshire on Kyson’s birthday. There’s been no mistaking the day of Kyson’s party for months now. She knew exactly what she was doing. Just like she knew what she was doing when she offered to let me move into my great grandmother’s house if I renovated it. Then as soon as the hammer fell on the last nail, I was kicked out so she could rent it. And was told to do so on Thanksgiving. And how she gave everyone in the family $100 for Christmas last year except for me. I got $40. And both birthdays before that, she never called or got me a card or anything. And the summer before that, when my grandpa was sick, I worked for free in my dad’s store in 100 degree heat and no air conditioner. And I made the mistake of wearing a tanktop and she didn’t come to me, but to the boy that works there and was talking shit about me saying I should take my fat ass home and put on some clothes. And that’s just what she’s done to me. Not to mention the fact that she sat at her own mother’s funeral, high as a kite making fun of my grandpa who died not even a month later. And then at his funeral, I didn’t even get to sit with my family because she had her brother and his 4th or 5th wife sitting with her like they gave a shit about him. Stupid whore.

But this is the twist. She found out that she has leukemia about a year ago. So everyone thinks I’m a bad person when I say I don’t like her. But she’s done me dirty. And for no reason that I know of. And even if I HAD done something wrong…. it’s my grandma!!! WHO DOES THAT???????

But I can just mark that off as Kyson’s first birthday being drama-free. And that makes me happy. If she doesn’t want to be there, I don’t want her to be there.


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