Kyle is came home a Mason tonight. Surprise!!! Yeah it’s a secret.

I think a moth had babies in my house. There are tiny little catepillar looking larvae of some sort hanging out on my curtains. I’m waiting on Kyle to see what they are. There’s really no telling though. We see some crazy stuff around here. I was just telling my mom that I see a new kind of bug everyday. Must be getting in the hormone filled chicken poop and mutating or something.

Day 10 → Someone you need to let go, or wish you didn’t know.

I don’t hate them or wish I didn’t know them or anything, but Kyle and me try to distance ourselves from his family. They don’t take him seriously. Can you blame the boy for wanting to run away when he turned 18? They took him out of school in 7th grade and bought him a diploma off tv, only to find out later he couldn’t join the Marines because it wasn’t real. They put him down all the time and accuse him of being a drunk and a drug addict when I know he’s never even seen drugs unless it was on tv. And what hardworking American 24 year old, who is now forced to work his life away in a factory, wouldn’t have a beer every now and then? They aren’t proud of him for anything he’s done, unless it was done FOR them. Kyle wouldn’t even tell his family when he got baptised a few years ago because they would have something negative to say. And they did! Like he was making it up and he wasn’t really saved, when in reality he has been for years but could never tell anyone until we finally got married and started going to church on our own. And these aren’t godless people, they’re deacons of the church and whatnot. He wanted to do so many things when he was younger and they told him that he couldn’t. They have him so beat down that he just doesn’t really try to do anything anymore. He can’t do anything right and he’d never amount to anything, so we just decided to stop telling them our business. He deserves so much more. He’s so very smart! And I love him.


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