Love Stinks

I just sat on hyena cart for two stinking hours to buy a diaper that *I* requested and someone else beat me to it. I literally cried. I screamed. How dare she? I wish I could beat her in the face with my wetbag! So I asked for another and she’s like “I’ll have to see how much fabric I have left”. I was so freaking excited. I held of buying a new diaper for a whole week so I could have it. Now I’m trying to find something else to buy instead and I’m having a hard time picking something. Ugh. I could just puke. Why couldn’t she just do it as a custom. I’d pay more for it if I had to.

Seriously. I’m just devastated.

Day 09 → Someone you didn’t want to let go, but just drifted

There are so many people I could put in this category. Krys would be one but she called me last night just to say hello. And then there’s Matt. I miss him so much. But that’s because he lives in Statesboro and I’m stuck up here. And then we got into an argument about the election in 08 and didn’t talk for a while and now we’re finally coming back around. I miss Johnny and Andrew and Kristi. Big time. I think alot of friends come and go but that’s just life. I used to have so many friends but now we all have different lives. It’s pretty lonely really.


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