So my step-in-laws are mad because I say things I shouldn’t on facebook. And surprisingly, Kyle’s mom is sticking up for me. Turns out the Browns aren’t so much like me afterall. Why can’t I fit in anywhere I go? I’m loud and obnoxious and I talk way too much about stuff no one cares about. But has anyone ever tried to get to know me? Am I just an ugly, fat bitch with an absolutely foul, sharp tongue? Yeah I guess I am. Never said I wasn’t.

So what is facebook for if I’m not supposed to use it? Should I just delete it altogether like Kyle did? Why did you add me if you don’t want to hear what I say? It’s done nothing but get me in trouble this week, whether it be people I don’t even know sharing pictures of my son or someone reading something more into the comments I make to MY friends. I guess it’s just best not to add family at all sometimes. So I made it to where 80% or so of my friends can’t see my posts. Not like they’d want to anyways. I guess I just thought we were all adults here. Boy was I mistaken!

Day 08 → Someone who made your life hell, or treated you like crap.

B, they guy from a few posts back. He treated me like crap. I’ve never met someone so fake in my life. He made such a fool of me. He told me who to be friends with, what to wear, and what I could or couldn’t do. Which ended being no friends, no make up, and dressed a certain way that I later realized made me look like a hobo. And then he would break up with me as punishment for breaking those rules. Then I’d get all depressed and after about a month of ignoring me, he’d come back. But he was so good at lying about it and sneaking around with all kinds of girls, no one ever even knew we were “dating” half the time. And they all called me crazy because he would deny it nine times out of ten. Then I looked like some crazy stalker. And he would always try to get me to do things I didn’t want to. And he would punish me for that too. Then the whole camping thing happened and we never spoke again. Yeah, I was that stupid shy fat girl that was in love with a stupid deceitful fat boy that treated her like crap and she still thought he loved her. Sad. But I’m over that now. I have all this and he delivers pizza. I win.


Comments on: "I’ve been going about this facespace thing all wrong" (1)

  1. Sweetie, you are NOT an “ugly, fat bitch with an absolutely foul, sharp tongue” if you were, then I would be a “completely evil, two faced bitch who only cares about manipulating everyone to get the crib she wants and disrespects family on FB to her own selfish ends” Which I’m not. We are unique and a bit too honest, as well as more than a little bit of a renegade, certainly. But not evil, foul or anything else 🙂 You probably missed it, because no one but the IL’s seemed to notice or find anything amiss, but I got in trouble Friday on FB… BIG, BIG, “no one on his side of the family is going to be talking to me any time soon” trouble – although I’m sure they’re talkin’ ABOUT me right now… seeing as how I came home after recieving the phone call from Hubby telling me that my comments concerning the 20 year old crib HE was insisting I use had been seen by the family and although everybody was trying to be “nice” about it because I’m so close to my due date, it had REALLY hurt some feelings, And, well, lets just say I decided to remove part of the problem – And deleted FB with no explanation to anyone. I see the REAL problem as me not having a good enough filter to constantly monitor what I say, and because I happen to be a rainbow colored fish in a family of geese… well, I have to filter a LOT when I talk to them – which I’m usually okay at in person, but FB, where you have to take in to account EVERY single person who could possibly see it and how THEY would percive what you wrote… It gets confusing, and I goofed. BIG time. SO no more FB for me either. At least for a while. BTW – Cafe Mom is pretty awesome – check it out, and if you decide to join, let me know so you can find me – after what happened Friday, none of my online profiles are searchable…. Stay strong girl, you’re not the only one pissing people off 🙂

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