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Welcome to my very first Fawk You Friday where I get a chance to air all my dirty laundry. This week’s lucky recipients of a big F U are….

• My husband’s grandfather who sprayed my whole flower bed with round-up because I hadn’t pulled weeds out in a while. Hello!! It’s 110° outside!! Of course I haven’t weeded. So instead of a nice flower bed with a couple of weeds and a lot of clover that I think is pretty, I now have a big dried up patch of flowerless greenery. Thanks alot!

My lantana

What Lantana USED to look like

• The people who won’t buy my car. I’m tired of messing with it.

• Walmart for never having infant boy clothes. I love my Garanimals. But Kyson can’t wear glittery unicorn shirts with leggings. Stock more boy stuff.

• Dairy Queen for not advertising Miracle Treat Day at all. I wouldn’t have known it was happening had I not seen it online.

• NICU on Discovery Health for disappointing me. Four weeks in and you finally see some real preemies. I understand that babies with diabetic moms are sick too but that’s all you’ve shown so far. It seems like it’s becoming “fat and pregnant” instead of showing actual babies. I want to see some level 2 or 3 NICUs! Show me a baby that stays longer than one week!!

And finally

Day 07 → Someone who has made your life worth living for.

The obvious answer is Kyson. Duh. It’s like I made my own best friend 🙂


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