Yesterday I had to go to town to pick up my clinique gift bag that I signed up for like, over a month ago. So you have to prepay for some makeup that is over $20 or some such and they’ll give you a sweet looking little bag with I think lipstick/gloss, mascara, a brush, and lotion. Well I went in and ended up waiting for almost 45 minutes because they couldn’t find my bag when I know I was pretty much the first person to sign up for one!! Finally she found it behind a box somewhere in the back room. I always end up waiting for my make up foreverrrrrr but at least I can say that it wasn’t that stupid woman that told me to wash my face. I went in, honest to God, asking for help with my super dee dooooper dry skin. I sat down and she looked at me and she said, what you need to do is exfoliate with warm water and soap. Excuse me? You want me to wash my face??? You think I haven’t thought of that already… when I came in here looking for something to buy that would knock all this stuff off… Really??? But thank God I finally found out that my thyroid was causing most of that and Amanda Baker hooked me up with some Mary Kay that does WONDERS for my skin. That’s what the lady at the clinique counter told me last night. That I have beautiful skin. No thanks to you guys.

I get carried away and talk too much. lol

I realized today that one of my tires has absolutely no tread left whatsoever so my mom is about to drop my car off at the tire place while we go get a Blizzard. Today is Miracle Treat Day at Dairy Queen. Every Blizzard you buy, Dairy Queen will donate at least a dollar of that to Children’s Miracle Network. I always pay it back to people who have helped me. And they are one of them. Children’s Miracle Network gives money to children’s hospitals around the country and Canada. We’ve been in two of those hospitals with Kyson so I want to make sure I give them some help. You never know when you’ll need it yourself. Speaking of which, heres my question of the day…

Day 06 → Something you hope you never have to do.

I hope that I never have to go through the NICU again or see Kyson in the hospital again. I honestly think I could handle just about anything else in the world except for that.


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