Thank You Notes

I was cleaning (thanks to Joy) when I found a bag full of those Christmas cards I paid so much for, but never mailed out. And that reminded me of the thank you notes I never mailed either. I know everyone understands the circumstances, but I still feel awful about it.

I never got the privilage of enjoying a baby shower. I was in labor. So when I came home, I started writing thank you notes in my time between NICU visits to keep my mind together. They were so cute! But things got crazy. We got him home and I was trying to get back in the swing of things at work and they got pushed to the side. Then my mom called me in the middle of a meeting and said he was sick again and we spent the rest of the week in two different hospitals trying to get rid of RSV. (WHY in God’s name he never got the shot while in the NICU is beyond me!!!) Eventually, my box of thank you notes were put in the closet out of embarassment of never getting them out to anyone. I guess everyone thinks I’m some kind of ungrateful and ignorant twit now. Or that I don’t care about them. I’m tempted to rewrite them and apologize for being late and just send them anyway. But I don’t know. People don’t do correspondance like they used to. Texts and emails. I like the formality of it all. But that’s just how I was raised.

So to everyone who got me anything, I’m sorry that I never gave you a thank you card.

And thank you.


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