1.You use strange initials (C-PAP, CCs, NICU, NG) when discussing your child.

2.You actually remember how many CCs make up an ounce.

3.You count his weight in grams.

4. The skin on your hands is peeling from washing so often!

5.You hesitate when someone asks his/her age, but you know exactly how much he/she weighs!

6. The answer to “How old is your baby?” is a story 30 minutes long!

7. When someone asks his birthday, you reply, “Which one?”

8. You start to understand some of the things they say on ER!

9. You turn into Kung-Fu Mom when someone tries to touch your baby.

10. You attempt to measure just how much spit-up he/she just had before you clean it up!

11. You know how much he weighs before putting him on the scale at the doctor’s office

12. You cry at Maternity Ward and get mad at Baby Story.

13. You see a 7lb newborn and say “Wow! She’s so BIG!”

14. Your baby is months old before he can even go to the mall.

15. When someone says how tiny your baby is, you argue that he is huge — and to demonstrate, you whip out pictures of him in NICU.

16. You do a health check on people when they come to your house to visit .

17. You want to scream when someone says that she just wants to have this baby now – at week 28, 32, or 34.

18. You are so amazed when someone actually tells you your baby is big for his age!

19. You tried to find a place to buy newborn size diapers in bulk.

20. You called half your relatives when the baby grew out of their first pair of pajamas!

21. You never take your child for granted.

22. You worry about RSV season and it is still weeks away . . .

23. You know what “RSV” stands for.

24. You donate his/her tiny clothes to the NICU and marvel that they seem so small – when they were too darn large!

25. Your son gets a simple cold and her doc sees her within the hour!

26. It has taken them 5 months to grow INTO newborn clothes!

27. You pick up 2 pounds of ground beef and think that your baby was born at the same weight

28. You buy “Purell” in bulk

29. You can stare at your baby for hours when he sleeps

30. In the course of a day you have wanted to slap and bear hug the same NICU nurse.

31. The statement “breastfeeding is simple and natural” makes you laugh — or cry, depending on the day and the hour.

32. You could drive the route from your house to the hospital in your sleep… and maybe you have.

33. The sound of your baby crying is beautiful, not annoying.

34. You not only know what “bilirubin” is, you have had several extensive conversations about it.

35. You need to have another baby so you can wear all the maternity clothes you have in your closet with the tags still on them.

36. You’ve aquired a taste for hospital food.

37. You always change your baby by putting the new diaper under the old before you take it off.

38. You are very uncomfortable when you take your baby home and don’t know her heart rate, respirtation rate or o2 levels.

39. You pray for, and celebrate, poopy diapers.

40. The following 6 months, or longer, after your baby gets home, they are in the same room with you during every daily activity. Shower, bathroom, dishes laundry… dosen’t matter, cause if you can’t see them, it’s “not worth doing”.


Comments on: "You Know You’re A Preemie Parent When…" (6)

  1. I can relate. Great list! I didn’t realize how much our (relatively short) NICU experience shaped me.

  2. OMG, I related to every one of these. We spent 5-months in the NICU with our 24-week preemie twins. I got in the habit of visiting in the middle of the night, because it was quieter and the nurses were more likely to let me hold them. I knew we had been their too long when the security guard said: “Have a good shift, doctor.” I’m so happy to say that my tiny babies just celebrated their 19th birthday. I am posting the journal I kept during their NICU stay at Mike&Ollie: 24-weekers Who Beat the Odds. Thank you so much for this post. It made my day. Best wishes to you and your family.

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    When… June 20102 comments 5 […]

  4. Wonderful list!! Thank You

  5. Our 26w/5d, 1lb/7oz miracle is now 22 months/19 months 😉 and 22 lbs. #40 is still true in our house! Fantastic list.

  6. Love it…I just went to the CDC site to check RSV numbers for my region this year and thought to myself…Man…this is such a preemie parent thing to do. There’s got to be a list out there of “You know you’re a preemie parent if…” This is perfect!

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