Dec 6

I am at Joys house because my lame butt doesn’t have interwebs yet.

Yeah buddy, I guess I did that thing I was talking about doing.

It seems like it took forever to work, but it really didn’t I suppose. Just took a while to see the results. Like I was about to freak out because so many people can make it happen with doing it just one time, but dang. I guess I did too but didn’t know it.

I’m not really all that sick but I eat like a teenage boy whereas I used to not ever eat anything at all.

I like pickles and orange juice and fish with tons of tartar sauce.

And subway.

And I realize that I was all like, “i’ll never let myself go” or “I wouldn’t be cause dead wearing sweatpants in public”

I was just kidding. You feel so icky and tired all the time… I’m wearing basketball shorts, unbrushed hair in a ponytail, and an oversized ace hardware shirt. like wtf?

i mean, i’ll still look good if i’m REALLY going somewhere but i really don’t care. AT ALL.

So if you see me looking like a Canon Queen… I guess that’s because I am now.

I get to go to the doctor Friday and maybe he can tell me exactly how far a long I am because my belly pooch says more than what the health dept said.

Or maybe it’s twins.

That’d be pimpin.

I’m done.


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